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As Unique As You

None is the same as any other, we all have our unique lifestyle. And that describes you more than anyone else. You’re an original. And we’re sure that you know far too well that unified serial products good for everyone are, in fact, not good enough for anybody.

Our in-ear earphone monitors are however a different story entirely. A unique product, tailored to fit only you. They will become a part of yourself and your body, while providing highest sound quality, incomparable comfort and easiness of wearing and last but not least, absolute freedom so that you’re never limited, whatever you do.

A part of your body

We manufacture our earphones by casting your exact ear impression. That is why they will fit only and only you, no-one else. Thanks to the precision making they fit perfectly as well as they provide:

  • unique comfort
  • maximum ambient noise soundproofing while reducing distortion
  • they never fall out of your ears
  • amazing acoustic properties and maximum quality listening properties

Incomparable Listening Experience Quality

All our in-ear earphone monitors can be characterized with an outstanding quality of listening. We use only the best components from the world’s most renowned manufacturers. We offer 2-, 3-, and 4-band switches.

Extended Longevity

A special plastic that we use to manufacture our earphone does not only look great. It’s also highly durable and hardwearing. In-ear monitors will serve you for a very long time and if you treat them the right way, they might as well stay with you for the rest of your life. We would recommend gentle treatment, however falls from regular heights can do virtually no harm.

Custom Looks

Not only the earphone shapes are unique. You can also modify the overall look of your earphones during the order process. You can choose a transparent version with a colourful cover or a full-colour version. And if you prefer a subtle design over distinctive colours, you can get your earphones in a skin-colour as well.

Extended Warranty

We put all our faith in our monitors’ quality, so in accordance to Terms & Conditions, we extend our warranty to 5 years.