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What do I need to get my earphones made?

Prior to ordering, each of our customers needs to visit an ENT specialist or any phoniatrist that's capable of creating your ear impressions from a plastic matter. You then ship these impressions to us using any Czech or foreign courier services. Your ear impressions must not be older than 2 months, otherwise they would start to decay and the impression might no longer be perfectly accurate. Every customer is fully responsible for the age and quality of their impressions.

Can I visit my own phoniatrist?
If you believe that your own ENT doctor might be a better choice for you, there’s nothing preventing you from visiting them and having your impressions done there. However, we would strongly recommend you check your impressions thoroughly, make sure there are no cracks or faults, and as long as it’s not one of our partner specialists, you are going to have to send the impressions yourselves to this address.
How can I tell a bad ear impression?

The most common mistake phoniatrists with little to none impression-making experience make is that small cracks might appear once the impression hardens. In other cases, the impressions are too small, in order for us to be able to make the earphones, we need a larger overlap.

Are my earphones universal?

Are my earphones universal? Our in-ear monitors can be used for all sorts of activities. Your earphones are tuned to best fit the purpose you originally order them for, however, you can use it with any playback device, including your mobile phone.

What’s the difference between my regular earphones and IAMusic?

Our custom-made earphones are an exact copy of your ear. The main advantage from any other earphones is that you are never going to need another pair of earphones again. Also, we guarantee maximum tightness, impossibility of falling off from your ears and perfect ambient noise dampening, which you can choose out of three options.

Where can I find an ENT specialist?

For such cases, we have created a special ENT doctors’ database in the largest cities, and IAMusic has special deals with these doctors. If you visit one of our authorized phoniatrists, all you need to do is to show up, pay the fee, have your impressions done, and we’ll do the rest. The doctor will make sure the impressions get to us and we’ll get back in touch with you once they do.

What are ear impressions?

Your ENT specialist will mold the shape of the inside of your ear from a plastic matter, and later we use that impression to create an earphone that is an exact copy of your very ear.

Health Risks

You should consider not using your custom in-ear phones in case you suffer from any auditory diseases. In such period, it’s highly unrecommended to have your impressions made as well.

Using cable adapters

You can of course use all sorts of adapters and converters, however we cannot prevent quality losses or guarantee that the signal does not get distorted. It’s a matter of the adapter quality in the first place.